JL Gaynor, Drive


January 13, 2014

Publishers Blurb:  Kate and Susan were best friends until they became something much more. Keeping their relationship a secret from their families and friends, they promised each other a future together, bright and full of possibilities. All of it comes to an end as their secret is discovered and a devastating ultimatum drives them apart.
J.L. Gaynor takes the reader on a wonderful ride in her novel, Drive. Gaynor’s title so aptly captures the rhythm, internal nuances of the characters’ personality, and the actual events.   It pacing of the plot flows as if the reader was on a journey with the characters, along for a ride filled with emotional ups and downs and the wrenching realism that often besets lovers.  The characters instantly capitivate, particularly as Gaynor has a wonderful ability to capture voice, to the point that clearly each character speaks distinctly, articulating her own essence with her own choice of words. Gaynor’s use of dialogue, both internal and conversationally, fills the imagination with the sincerity of emotional presence; so much, in fact, I felt as though I was with them. I loved Drive.  I look forward to checking out Gaynor’s other books as soon as possible.  Gaynor’s emergence on the scene of lesbian fiction is a wonderful addition to a growing group of authors who able to create exciting works of fiction using lesbian characters richly, deeply, and with the dexterity that any fictional reader would enjoy, not just the niche set of lesbian readers.


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