Reading on The Dark Side: The Compiled List of Series Devoured in 18 Months

Queerly Reading Fantasy and the Dark Side of Things

Women Authors of Series (Only That I Have Read In the Last 18 Months)

Notes and Caveats:

  1.  While I did rate each series, I refrained from reviewing , giving only a quick snippet of the elements/themes focused on within the series.   The series was rated as a complete series, not via individual book.
  2. This list includes anthologies, within which many of the authors are contained.  I did not rate the anthologies.
  3. Included in the list are series & authors that I merely skimmed over or read one book only.   These remain unrated,  as insufficient information available for a fair rating.
  4. Excluded from this list: authors of multiple, single novels which may be connected by theme or genre, but are not series per se.
  5. Male authors are purposely excluded.   Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, Terry Goodkind, George R.R. Martin specifically


Armstrong, Kelley            …

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