Binge Reading and Bias: Detecting Dominance, Recovering the Female and Perceiving Lesbian

Queerly Reading Fantasy and the Dark Side of Things

Finding my way to Lesbian Science Fiction Writers — Part 1, Bookshelves

post apoc. chick 1 

The binge/path that lead me to search for lesbian writers of fantasy and science fiction,  took a fairly classic path, literally. I decided one day to re-read the Hobbit.

Of course, after the Hobbit,  I, had to re-read every other work by Tolkien. Hobbit1

Upon finishing Tolkien, Ray Bradbury caught my attention.

bradbury copy

Bradbury sparked my desire to re-visit Orwell.


Orwell reminded me that I really enjoyed Asimov.


Asimov propelled me back Herbert’s Dune…


The Dune series lead me to checking out a bit of Orson Scott Card.


Deciding that post-apocalyptic darkness was appealing for a time,

I went to read a bit of William Gibson.


So I went down a path of cyberpunk and dystopian tales for a time.

Feeling that the dystopian perspective highlighted my own nihilistic tendencies, I picked up Terry Goodkind.


While in the bookstore…

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