Interview with Susan Thompson

Queerly Reading Lesbian

ice planet

Susan Thompson’s Fractured Futures was one of the first lesbian science fiction books that I read. Susan addresses all of the dark, post apocalyptic themes that stir my sci-fi soul: a futuristic landscape reminiscent replete with provocative social themes, perhaps akin to Orson Scott Card, incredibly sensual imagery, and strong, determined female characters.   Fractured Futures so entranced me, that I decided to read Susan’s newest book, Destination Alara.  Again, Susan’s writing proved stellar (no pun intended.)   As I enjoy her work so much, I reached out to Susan for a bit of insight into writing science fiction.  She agreed, and the interview is below:

QR: Assume that the readers don’t know much about you and your works. What would you like to tell them? As a reader/writer, I prefer the non-publisher version of background information.   The non-publisher or promotional packet information seems intrepid, approachable.   So…

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