Hands Down: the Best Historical Speculative Fiction Novel

wind and dreamHands down the best historical speculative fiction novel that I have read thus far. When I opened Wind and Dreams, I was immediately reminded of works akin Mary Renault and Marion Zimmer Bradley — that fantasy mythos blended with the astonishing attention to historical detail. Linda’s writing, simultaneously phenomenal, provocative, and thoughtful to culture, grabs the reader in with the first sentence and captivates her from beginning to end. If I were to categorize this novel further, I would add the possibility of Steampunk with its attributes of Victorian Age sensibilities beside the Egyptology phase in archaeology. Of course, the characters personalities, the realism that Linda creates in emotion, conversation, and the dream-real dichotomous thread all add to the beauty of this book. Linda’s writing is fantastic. I cannot say that I enjoyed Wind and Dreams more than I did her book, Deep Merge, since they are completely different genres, to my mind. Still speculative, still with incredible attention to detail and wonderful character development, but they follow paths so differently, that they are incomparable. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

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